Small steps are still steps

Time for a quick update. A big part of our decision-making process with this property lies in the fact that there is a big old farmhouse on it. Our dream has always been to build a home, but the house on the property throws a wrench in that because the house is not in terrible condition as we suspected. This isn’t a bad thing… it’s just different than we had in our heads. And neither of us are ones to make a quick and easy and painless switch. So we’re doing a lot of soul searching — as well as budget planning — as we figure out what happens next.

We had a great meeting with our builder over the weekend, and went over our wish list for our finished product house, whether new construction or renovation. He had some great ideas for the renovation part, and I’m excited to see what the ideas look like on paper. I’m a visual person, so that will really help me get an idea of what we’d end up with in a renovation. The house needs a complete gut job — it has 100 year old electrical and plumbing in it, not to mention plaster walls, some water damage in the chimneys, no shower to speak of, a practically non-existent kitchen, etc. So there’s a lot of work to do to get it to what we want, BUT there’s also almost limitless possibility! So it’s an exciting step to start seeing what some of those possibilities look like.

While we are still a ways away from actually pulling this off, it feels good to make steps, no matter how small, towards that finished product.


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